Care Team
Our interdisciplinary ‘Care Team’ approach enables patients and families to cope with serious illnesses. By providing teaching and supporting services, staff and volunteers enable families and caregivers to provide care to the patients while residing in their own environment.

Medical Director    

Our Medical Directors direct staff in effective pain management and symptom control. They oversee our Interdisciplinary meetings and make recommendations regarding patient care. They are available for assessing patients in the John R. Williamson Hospice House and are on-call 24/7 to address changes in the condition of patients.


In communication with the patient’s physician and other hospice team members, nurses coordinate a plan of care for each patient and family. Nurses make regular visits to assess the comfort of patients and make every effort to ensure that pain is controlled and symptoms are managed. Nurses answer questions the patient or family may have about what to expect throughout an illness.

Social Worker

Our social workers help identify unmet needs and goals of patients and their families. Social workers can provide emotional support for caregivers, guidance in decision making, and assistance with financial planning including assistance with Medicare, Medicaid and insurance. Also, they can provide educational materials to assist in understanding the process of many illnesses and how to cope through difficult times. Our social workers can also connect patients and families with needed community resources including funeral planning. In addition, they are also available to provide educational presentations to civic groups, churches and other public organizations.

Chaplain Services
Spiritual Services to our patients/families include:
Chaplains offer encouraging visits to patients and their families, including prayer and scripture reading, spiritual counseling, and guidance for funeral planning.  

Faith communities have long been a source of support and hope. By partnering with local faith communities, we seek to enhance the care and support given to families facing health challenges. Life Touch desires to be a resource to assist local faith communities in helping those they serve.

Each year we host ministry events for our community:

Day of Prayer
Held in mid-spring of each year, this is an invitation to the faith community to join us in prayer for patients and families and the medical community that serves them.  

Ministry Luncheon
Held during mid-fall, this event provides us the opportunity to thank the ministers in our area as we partner to meet the special needs of our community. We strive each year to provide a relaxing meal and encouraging program.  

We host Service of Remembrance events throughout the year to honor the memory of those we were privileged to serve.

Counseling Services

Individual grief counseling is available to provide support through the grieving process. All counseling is provided in a confidential manner with respect to individual needs. More information about grief support services offered by Life Touch can be found in the Grief/Loss section of this website.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The CNA assists patients with their personal care needs, including bathing and dressing, as well as, light housekeeping. The frequency of a CNA in home visit is based on the need that is indicated in each patient’s plan of care.

Listen to Our Care Team Interview For More Information
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