Life Touch Hospice cares for patients wherever they are: assisted living centers, independent living centers and nursing homes. Hospice care does not replace long-term care; rather it supplements the care.

The RN Case Manager works with the nursing home staff to develop a care plan tailored to the needs of the patient. Nursing home staff members are experts in long-term care and hospice team members are experts in end-of-life care: partnering the best of their services with the best of ours for optimum care.

Services Provided:
​Individual/Family support
Regular visits by RN Case Manager
Physician consultations
Hospice Team on call 24/7
Pain and Symptom Management
Labs and Diagnostics
Medical equipment and supplies
Inpatient care

Hospice services are covered by 
Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, 
or charitable care. 
Life Touch Hospice cares for patients 
regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Long Term Care partners include:

           EL DORADO                                     MAGNOLIA                                    WARREN
Courtyard Health and Rehab              Magnolia Health and Rehab      Chapel Woods Health and Rehab
Grace Point Health and Rehab                   Wentworth Place    
Hudson Memorial Nursing Home                  Dudneywood                                    CAMDEN
Oak Ridge Nursing and Rehab                                                             Silver Oaks Health and Rehab
Timberlane Health and Rehab                                                               Pine Hills Health and Rehab
            Ella Manor                                                                              Ouachita Nursing and Rehab
Long Term Care Facilities
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